Carisbrooke Castle boasts our ‘other’ church, St Nicholas.

A chapel has stood on the site of St Nicholas since shortly after the Norman conquest. It was demolished in 1856, to create a more “romantic looking ruin”.

It was rebuilt in 1904 by Percy Stone under the patronage of Princess Beatrice.

Stone was an architect, and also the Island’s historian. It was originally dedicated as a memorial to King Charles I, who was imprisoned at Carisbrooke Castle before his execution. However, following World War One, it was completed and rededicated as the County War Memorial in 1929. Around the walls, the names of 1624 fallen Island men from both World Wars. The woodwork found inside the chapel comes from HMS Nettlestone, which was one of the last serving wooden warships.

As the Chapel sits inside the walls of Carisbrooke Castle, the upkeep of the church, and entrance to it, is maintained by English Heritage.

Services in the Chapel

Services are held in the Chapel of St Nicholas several times a year; usually Palm Sunday and Remembrance Sunday. Around these, special services commemorating particular battles in which Islanders fought take place.

Can I get married at St-Nicholas-in-Castro?

The easy answer is probably not. St Nicholas is not a regular parish church, and does not have regular services. Therefore, to get married there requires special permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury, which is unlikely to be given unless you have a current and very close relationship with the Castle. If you think you might have the necessary connection, please feel free to contact us and we can explore this.

Can I have my child christened at St-Nicholas-in-Castro?

Unlike weddings, christenings are not bound up with legalities and so there can be a bit more flexibility. You must still demonstrate a good link to the Castle. Get in touch if you’d like to chat about your options.