The Diocese is currently asking for people’s opinions on draft proposals for a pastoral reorganisation in this area. This page gives more information about the draft proposals, to ensure that you are given the opportunity to make your thoughts heard.

Why are the Diocese planning these changes?

• They are exploring new patterns of ministry in churches across the diocese, not just in this deanery.

• There are some areas of the diocese where, despite the best efforts of clergy and congregations, relatively few people go to church.

• At this time they have the opportunity to apply for additional funds to support new growth projects. In order to be eligible for these funds they also need to release money from our existing budgets and invest in mission.

• Planting new churches with a fresh approach – eg Harbour Church in Portsmouth city – can rapidly reach many people who wouldn’t otherwise go to church

• Any new initiative works best with a whole team approach, not just a lone individual and needs help and support from surrounding churches.

Why here in Newport and the surrounding area?

The Diocese wants to create an environment in Newport where:

• all of the churches can flourish and grow.

• we can be wise stewards of all of the resources that we have.

• the church buildings can be better used by the local community.

• the churches can have a bigger impact on some of the issues which are faced in this area.

• churches here can be a resource and support to other churches on the island.

• The Diocese want to free up people, finances, administrative burdens and buildings from solely maintaining the existing church in order to be able to support new projects, opportunities and communities.

What are the proposed changes?

The town of Newport is currently made up of four separate parishes

• The four parishes are currently supported by 2.8 FTE of clergy staff. None of these current posts will exist in the proposed draft proposals.

Instead, the Diocese want to:

• Create one parish that covers all of the town of Newport

• Employ 5 FTE staff across the parish, with a mixture of clergy, pioneering and operations staff.

• Invest in updating building resources to ensure the buildings can be better used by local communities.

• Create an intern programme to help young people on the island explore their vocation.

• The Diocese are considering taking out the town part of Carisbrooke from the rural part of the parish of Carisbrooke and the parish of Gatcombe.

• They would aim to combine the remaining rural part with the parishes of Arreton and Newchurch.

• This would make one parish that covers all of the area south of Newport.

• The Diocese would create one full time post to serve these parishes, replacing the two part-time roles currently in place.

• Including existing resources the Diocese aim to spend over £1.5 million over the next five years on ministry in Newport.

This map shows the boundaries as they currently are.
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This map shows what the changes would look like if the current proposals were agreed.
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 What are we being consulted about?

• Although the Diocese are keen to hear your views on their proposals for new ministry in Newport town, what they need to consult you about – first informally and then formally, when more definite plans are in place – is basically this:

Should the Diocese create one new town parish which combines the existing parishes or parts of parishes in Newport; and one new rural parish where the remaining parts join with Newchurch and Arreton?

• But they would like also to hear your views on the kinds of ministry that you think they should prioritize in Newport in the future and how they might best do that!

Timetable for this process

w/c Monday 15 Oct Public Consultation Meetings

Friday 19 Oct Letters sent to Legally Interested Parties plus anyone else who asks for them

Friday 30 November closing date for written responses

Wednesday 5 December information and any scheme changes presented to the Bishop’s Council.

Following this the Diocese will have a formal consultation process lasting eight weeks:

Friday 7 December 2018 formal consultation documents sent

Friday 1 Feb 2019 closing date for written responses

Monday 11 March 2019 final scheme presented to the Bishop’s Council

Friday 15 March 2019 Bishop Christopher to send final schemes to Church Commissioners Pastoral Division

When the scheme has been received by the Church Commissioners Pastoral Division they will review and evaluate it, also looking at comments from this and other parts of the consultation process. They will make a decision in either May or July 2019.

The scheme could be made as early as 1 June 2019 and could come into effect on 1 December 2019.

Between these two dates the Diocese would look to recruiting the necessary clergy/laity, with the aim of people starting in new roles by 1 January 2020.

The Diocese are very keen to hear from anyone who has a view or opinion on these plans.

You can email Jenny Hollingsworth, Deputy Diocesan Secretary:

You can write to them at :

The Diocese of Portsmouth,
Peninsular House,
Wharf Road,

The public presentation that was given on the Island on the 15th October, from which this information has been produced, is available here.