Children are one of God’s most precious gifts in life. For many people, it feels only natural to want to come to church to say thank you.

There are two very special services that the church can offer you:

Christening (sometimes called baptism) 14060138_10209339549141989_944015984_o

In this service, the parents and their chosen godparents make promises to bring the child up in the Christian faith, and the child is formally welcomed as a member of the Church.

The other o14087590_10209339526381420_1668002530_option is a service of thanksgiving for a child.

This service is designed to help you to give thanks to God for your child, without making the formal
promises required of you in a baptism service.

You can read all about the differences between the two services, and the answers some of the most frequently asked questions in this booklet.


If you’d like to arrange a christening service, or a service of thanksgiving for a child,
please contact us.